A spring wedding chair back with freshly picked country flowers featuring white ranunculus, tulips and cow parsley for a natural wildflower effect. By Tuckshop Flowers, Birmingham. Available for weddings in the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Warwickshire

I’ve been ogling grass verges on every semi rural journey I’ve made for the past few weeks. The froth of cow parsley waving its white umbellifers at me has been calling me relentlessly as wedding flower season begins and as I wait (impatiently) for ammi and orlaya (its cultivated counterparts) to come into bloom.

Luckily, through farming contacts, I have access to landowner’s permission to forage – essential if you are going to stay within the letter of the law in the UK.  I’m so glad that my scissors have been granted a licence to snip because these wedding chair posies just wouldn’t have been the same without the lightness of touch that these delectable and truly wild flowers bring.

The other ingredients are all cultivated varieties, chosen over the years for their wildflower style and charm. In my eyes, this happy meeting with their frothy country cousin is a match made in heaven.


Permission to forage

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