Local flower deliveries

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I’m offering very local deliveries of very local flowers to cheer people up during the current lockdown.  I’m symptom free and am the only person who will handle the flowers, with care, in a carefully cleaned environment.

I’m offering deliveries on Tuesdays or Thursdays to keep journeys to a minimum, and offer this service within 2.5 miles of B30.  I’m on the edge of Cotteridge/Bournville.

The flowers will be delivered without wrapping.  All you need to do is to order via email, pay online by bank transfer, and leave a bucket or container outside your door at the agreed delivery time. Remember to wash your hands after placing the flowers in your own vase, as after handling any other items coming into your home.


Prices £20-35.00.  

Every bouquet is unique, based purely on what looks and smells gorgeous on cutting day. No catalogue to choose from, just the best of the season. (Photo for illustration only, bouquets vary.)

Order before 12 noon for Tuesday or Thursday doorstep drop delivery

Call 07527370653