I got a lovely card in the post this morning – and, serendipitously it was one of the British Flowers Week cards inspired by my flowery link up with More By Design, back in June this year. It came along, out of the blue, from a lady who’d ordered flowers from me, having searched Google, more in hope than expectation, for British flowers in a wildflower style, to decorate her mum’s funeral tea. She knew her mum wouldn’t have liked anything formal, so was pleased to come across my website and, having like what she’d seen, she gave me a ring to see what might be available in September.

We had a chat, and her ears pricked up when I mentioned the burnt orange chrysanths which are just starting to come into flower now that the days are getting ever shorter. It turned out that orange and blue was one of her mum’s favourite colour combinations, so we decided that they were the colours we’d go for, with jam jar posies and a table arrangement to decorate the hotel where the reception was to be held. I really love doing flowers for such occasions as I think that when people want something different from the widely available formal arrangements, they REALLY want them – because it isn’t just about the flowers themselves, but about the person whose life they are celebrating. And people always know when relaxed and lovely flowers are just the right kind of thing.  It seemed even the flowers knew, because when I went down to the plot to cut for the arrangements, my ‘Apricot Silk’ rose, had decided to offer up some perfect blooms.


British grown flowers for events, green funerals, eco wedding flowers in and around Birmingham.














I was therefore delighted to receive the thoughtful card today, which said:

“Dear Carole,

Just a quick thank you for the beautiful flowers for the celebration of my mother’s life. They were admired by all the guests, were the perfect backdrop for the photos, and she would have loved them. 

Many thanks.

Kate “

It’s so lovely to be able to give people the flowers they want at such an important time, and on a personal level, to know that I got them right brings immense satisfaction, so thanks for letting me know, Kate.

Flowers that fit: getting it right

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