In June, I worked with BrumYODO (You Only Die Once), a local collective, as part of Dying Matters Awareness week.  The aim of the week is to raise awareness, that just as in the gardening world, death and dying is a significant part of life – except in the case of humans, the way we approach the whole issue can have a big impact on both our psychological outlook and on successful end of life care.

For more information on BrumYODO, click here.

BrumYODO staged a variety of events across the week, to try to lift the taboo and start positive conversations around a subject that many people find hard to discuss.

The activities, aims & philosophy of BrumYODO are beautifully captured on this short film by Sarah Chaundler of Jigsaw Productions.


BrumYODO: lifting the taboo about death

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