The tulips have landed – after lurking stumpy in the borders, unmoving, for weeks, they all came rushing along in a flounce of bright petals, and now only a couple of rows of late bloomers remain.  But oh they’re glorious when they arrive!  Even though they’re not the most cost effective crop to grow – the price of bulbs often being greater than the price of commercially grown tulips – if you grow your own selection of unusual varieties, it allows you to get your hands on huge blousy tulips which seem only distant relatives of the small-headed cousins that you find to buy as cut flowers elsewhere.

Spring venue flowers - a billowing urn with apple blossom and wildly wiggly tulips. Tuckshop Flowers, Birmingham

These Menton Exotic have been bobbing in the borders for a couple of weeks like glowing ostrich eggs.  After finishing on the sort out of wedding flowers in the workshop today, their luminous orbs lurked like ugly sisters in a bucket of leftovers. They weren’t left behind because they’re not lovely, but their size makes them difficult to incorporate into domesticated arrangements. So after sorting out wedding flowers,  I decided to throw a ball especially in honour of their floral equivalence to size 1o feet.

Out came an urn, in went some apple blossom, and in hopped Menton to steal the show.  She’s got the stage presence and subtlety of Dolly Parton, but I have to say I’m quite smitten.  Viva la Diva.

The next issue was finding space big enough to photograph her!  The freshly rendered outside wall is my latest discovery as a backdrop, so I now I expect that you’ll be seeing it a bit more regularly as blank canvas backgrounds are in short supply elsewhere!


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