It’s mid January and shock of shocks, my plot is looking organised (well, if you ignore the overgrown currant bush bit,  and the perennially untamed section near the apple tree).  Beds are now long and straight, and you can push a wheelbarrow down CLEAR paths in between them.

The plot is so organised right now, that I’d be scared of it if it belonged to my neighbour – I’d think they were super efficient.  Having been next door to Policeman Dave for the past 5 years, who is tidy to the point of OCD with his neatly edged grass paths,  I’m used to feeling like that. But this year (could it really be the year where I DO tame the plot?) I’ve almost scared myself with this out of character experience.

Mind you, it’s easy to feel tidy while the beds are covered with cardboard to suppress weed seeds and perennially creepy rooty things. Ask me again in Spring if I’m still feeling smug when things actually start growing again.

But this year I’ve made a deal with myself – to get down to the plot for at least 10 hours a week, and I’m keeping a tally on my kitchen noticeboard to shame me when I fail.  So far, I’ve exceeded expectations since I’ve managed to get my recovering foot squeezed back into a gardening boot.  It feels SO good to be digging again!

January has been a kind month in terms of not being frozen solid or completely sodden to date, and the mild days of late have made it a real treat to get back to work outdoors, after 3 months of limited outdoor forays.

Mind you, gardening on two sites as I do (both my home garden and allotment), I’m always torn between them – it seems that there’s always one site receiving favoured status, while the other’s unkempt hairiness acts as a weedy reproach which keeps my guilty conscience alive and kicking.  But I guess I can turn my attentions to my home garden on those days when I can only grab the odd hour to do gardening jobs, and squish them into that last hour before the light fades.

But gardening is good for your head, if not for the state of your finger skin, and no matter how long you can snatch for a bit of tidying or planting, seize the chance to get outside and get your hands in the soil.


Getting organised for 2019

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